cute little pockets

September 6, 2011

How much do I love my mom? Impossible to say cuz is so much! Last week I sent her the link (h/t Regina @ Crest) to this couple who were “plant bombing” their neighborhood (San Francisco, I think?). She knits, he deals with plants. Sunday, I get up to the country (Mom’s place in Duchess County) and up in my bedroom, what do I find?


Can you believe it? The plants here are in little pots, and since we’re not sure whether they are hardy, I’ve decided to keep them inside. I took them home and put them up in the bathroom, where my aloe and Christmas cactus have been thriving for years. Here they are in their new homes.







I think that pipe is a steam pipe, though, so I’m probably going to have to move those guys. Mom whipped up a couple more pockets for me to fill with dirt and try outside, so tomorrow (if the rain stops) I’m going to appropriate some hearty succulents from my plantings.

In other news, there was another batch of figs, so I tried some fig cookies that were like fig newtons but with fresh figs. Yes, yes, yes.

cooking with figs

August 27, 2011

We are doing our best to batten down the hatches here in the path of Irene. Our block is Zone B, so it is not evacuated. Hoping the storm drains won’t back up? We’ve taken down the hanging plants, put some pots on the ground, brought in the ladder, and tucked the furniture away in the corner under the pergola. We are feeling pessimistic about the tomato harvest.

People are freaking out. If you go to the grocery store, people are almost panicking. But here we are making hurricane cookies with figs from the tree out back. This tree has been pumping out figs like crazy. It isn’t even mine; I’ve just collected figs that overhung into my yard and were falling off. The other day, there was tart (pic before glazing):

And some cibbatta pizza with fig, proscutto, and ricotta. The picture really doesn’t do it justice.


Today, we have hurricane cookies with fresh figs. Before:

Don’t you love that Kikuichi blade? These people made Samurai swords back in the day. When Japan opened up and the samurai quit, they turned to cutlery. Gotta love clearance sales at Brooklyn Kitchen. But back to cookies:

There is even a fresh fig “eye” lolz:

Let’s hope we get the last laugh on this one. If the homestead gets damaged, we are finished. St. Christopher, pray for us.