It’s easy to get so focused on all the spring chores that you fail to pay enough attention to the things coming back to life and blossoming. Here are some highlights from the messy-in-progress-chaos-garden.

The wisteria looks like it’s fixin’ to bloom for the very first time! Down near the container:

And up on the wire!

close up for you:

A few snapdragons survived the winter and are blooming again:

Guess I must have put some Johnny Jump-up seeds in here last year:

The Dame’s Rocket is fixin’ to bloom for its very first time after being planted from seed two years ago:

The brussels sprouts never put up a proper stalk of sprouts, but it’s got little flowers on it now, aw:

And of course the most important thing is that the family got built back up again last fall, and now we have Oona! Here she is this weekend at Prospect Park, 10 months old:


July 28, 2011

How much do I love the internet? Not only did it bring me my husband all those many years ago, but now it has brought me a video on how to braid garlic:

I love this lady, and she explained it so’s even I could follow. So, this morning I roused the dogs from their post-breakfast, conjoined-at-the-rear nap:

Got down my ignorant, tiny garlic and trimmed it:

Then I braided it up. I even found a couple of baby garlic bits in the greens, like she did. Mine looks pretty lame next to hers, but it’s a start.

Once you put it with the skillets and the Peruvian mask thing, you sort of forget about its shortcomings.