The weather has been unspeakable, and it has been hard to tolerate being outside for longer than it takes to keep things alive via watering. So I can’t say I’ve been enjoying the garden much lately. But, tonight it was ever-so-slightly cooler, so we had a little poke around at evening watering and discovered these modest news items.

The other clematis, which had protested its first location by trying to die, has revived in its new pot and is flowering.


Some purply pink flowers whose names I forgot have done all right in the heat.


Some late basil seedlings did not bake to death and are ready to go in the ground shortly.


The wisteria has developed a plan for itself. It has decided to blow off the grape arbor and go straight up the power line. Day by day it has been getting closer to its goal, and it looks like tomorrow or the next day it will reach the top.

Wouldn’t it be cool if it survived the winter up there and then blossomed in the spring?


Finally, the moonflower is producing its huge, nearly pornographic blossoms.


I’m particularly pleased with this number since it came from one seed I found this spring in a dried up flower on last year’s vine. These blossoms open in the evening and twist up again in the daytime. So very secretive…



2 Responses to “not everything is melting”

  1. poodles said

    that wisteria is fantastic!

  2. danica said

    that wisteria is blowing my mind.

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