garlic harvest

July 2, 2011

This was one of those ignorant experiments. Last fall I took a clove of garlic from the grocery store, broke it apart, and planted the cloves in the ground. This March, the garlic came up with the early bulbs and chives. I had forgotten what I’d planted there, but after a while it came to me.

I more or less ignored it. People said “you’ll know” when it’s time to harvest it. Eventually, I consulted the world library and watched a video on harvesting garlic and so decided it was time now.

The cloves are pretty small, which I think is because I didn’t water them.┬áTo be fair, it was a very wet spring here, but still there were lots of times they needed water and didn’t get it. I have no idea how they’ll taste compared to supermarket garlic or how long they’ll last, but they are hanging up to “cure” now.

Next spring, I will water.

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  1. bmckc said

    omg!! look at those scapes! yummmmm.

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