building the family up

September 19, 2011

We had a terrible time last week because Scout, our Irish Wolfhound, died.

She had a long life for a wolfhound (9 years, 4 months), but it was just awful. Now the family is down to just us two.

We have had a hard time doing much besides crying and feeling lost in our now too-big house. But, as my mom said, you just have to build your family back up again. We’re looking for a puppy, and there’s not much we can do about the human side, but it’s never a bad time to build up the family outside.

We got two lovely little heather plants and put them in some pots that were waiting for something special. They’re hardy and semi-evergreen, so hopefully they’ll do well.

While I was next door at Crest getting the heather plants, Guru Vincent asked after the plant pockets and wondered if we might find a home in them for a couple of sad little succulents they couldn’t sell. Adoption immediate!

Unknown how they’ll do, but they sure look cute now.

Thanks, Vincent!

The hardy mums from last year are blooming again, bless ’em:

We hope, believe, and see that death is not the final answer.

4 Responses to “building the family up”

  1. WT said

    It is so hard to say goodbye to our loved ones! Our pups are so important in our lives it’s gonna break our hearts when they have to go.

    The plants look great though. I look forward to seeing how the succulents do in those awesome pockets.

  2. bmckc said

    miss that big black nose so bad.

  3. moc4 said

    Keep on growin’ sis. It’s the only way.


  4. danica said

    scout is missed! your garden is riveting. your plant pockets look adorable. xox.

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